UK Enterprise Awards Winner

UK Enterprise Awards Winner

in General May 17, 2018

What are the UK Enterprise Awards?

The 2018 UK Enterprise Awards will once again strive to recognise and highlight the key players and enterprises within the ever- evolving UK Business scene. From a variety of different industries, The UK Enterprise Awards will reward those who thrive amongst fierce competition on a national scale.

Who can be nominated?

Small to medium sized enterprises based in the UK region. These can be people running small – medium sized businesses, working independently, or running their business from their kitchen table!

All candidates that have been nominated for the programme have either been put forward by SME-News (these tend to be firms and individuals that we have worked with or profiled recently), or via a third party on our online voting form. Self-nominations are also accepted.

At the point of nomination, we do not ask the individual filling in the form to disclose their details. Tried and tested over the years, we have found that response rates shoot up when the process remains anonymous. Because of this, we do not use the total number of votes as a factor to determining the winners. We prefer to offer everyone a level playing field.

Nomination accepted, what happens next?

Once a nomination is accepted, the nominated party will be moved on to our shortlist. Shortlisted parties are encouraged to put forward supporting materials via our optional questionnaire. This is the perfect opportunity to put forward any projects, products or services you’d like our judging panel to take into consideration.

Our in-house research team will begin to research the shortlisted party extensively online. This will include any relevant information found on public domain sources (such as press releases, client/customer testimonials, social media presence, etc.).

Who judges?

The 2018 UK Enterprise Awards are judged by our highly-experienced panel. It consists of an international, multi-lingual collective of individuals, with backgrounds from a myriad of fields, such as business, media, journalism, history and European languages. The panel is led by a veteran academic leader with international pedagogic and coaching experience who is well versed in research, fact-checking and mediation; allowing the panel to operate with efficacy and dependability.

A Big Thank You

We would like to thank our loyal customers for helping us achieve this award. This is testament to the positive and enjoyable experience our customers and guest receive when they stay, eat, conference or celebrate at The Park Hotel. We would also like to thank all of our staff whos hardwork and determination does not go un-noticed.