Scottish Government Alcohol Industry Partnership

Scottish Government Alcohol Industry Partnership

in General October 31, 2018

The Park Hotel are pleased to announce they are committed to working with the Scottish Government Alcohol Industry Partnership (SGAIP)

The partnership is a vehicle that works together to address complex issues surrounding alcohol misuse and to promote responsible drinking in Scotland and helps serve as an industry wide consultative forum on alcohol legislation.

The partnership exists to deliver joint initiatives on tackling problems arising from alcohol related harm and promote responsible drinking and to be a constructive sounding board for the government on alcohol related legislation.

In a similar manner to Drinkaware, which promotes responsible drinking across the UK, the partnership aims to build on this in Scotland and work with Drinkaware to ensure our mutually supported messages are advocated throughout the industry.

The Partnership aims to deliver on outcomes such as:
• increasing consumer knowledge to deliver changes in attitude toward safer drinking and to reduce acceptability of hazardous drinking practices.
• Adopting best practices across licensed premises to promote safer drinking.
• Reducing the impact of alcohol related harm in communities.
• Improving Scotland's licensed regime to benefit the wider population and the public.

The Park Hotel continues to promote responsible drinking, not only in its venues and events but also in the wider community and throughout Scotland.